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The Concept 2 Model D is an appreciated and highly popular machine that features unlimited resistance, engaging programming and durability at a reasonable and competitive price. It has a USA-made steel frame and air resistance that is used against each stroke. The air resistance enhances with the rower intensity, which makes the Model D suitable for sportsmen and athletes of different training levels. Model D has been on the top of the leading rowing machines list for several years.


The PM5 is the backlit performance monitor that provides preset rowing games as well as workout programs. It tracks important data, including calories burned, distance and pace. The stored data can be transferred with a USB drive or wirelessly to other devices. Wireless capabilities of the PM5 also support machine-to-machine racing and heart rate monitoring.

The Concept 2 rowing machine is available in 2 colors, including black and light gray. It will cost you around $945, and the shipping will be free.


Price of the Concept 2 Model D

The indoor Rowing Machine Concept 2 Model D with PM 5 monitor features a reasonable cost, which is not the highest even for #1 rowing machine.

Earlier, you have read about the ultimate durability of the rower, but now, it is necessary to add that Concept 2 rowers are characterized by exceptionally high resale value, which means you will have no problems if you decide to sell it in several years.

The cost of the Model D doesn’t change much, no matter if you go to Amazon or similar retailers. Nevertheless, many users have bought the rower through Amazon and highlighted that customer service and shipping were superb. Besides, they offer free delivery on qualified orders, an excellent return policy, which is a protective layer between the buyer and the seller.

These are inevitable variables you should consider before you purchase large items, as, for instance, a rowing machine online.

I reviewed the Concept 2 Model D and can confirm that it is a top choice for customers of all ages, fitness levels and sizes. A considerable number of owners have used the rower for many years, and it is still working well.


Bottom Line: Best Rowing Machine

No doubt, you will not get disappointed with this rowing machine. Check out 5-star reviews and feedback of the Concept 2 Model D.

The Concept2 rowing machine will serve you for many years. Equipped with the best performance monitor and featuring an ultimately high resale value, the rower can also provide you with an excellent full-body workout.


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