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In Which We Learn to Accept Our Limitations

Two actual conversations I had with my kids while driving.

In Which We Overpack for Overnight Camp

Rule: Your child's clothes should not be sold or bartered, but they can be dragged through the lake.

In Which I Am Mindful of a Raisin

Meditation does not permit multitasking. Who knew?

In Which Children Do Not Make Good Small-Business People

Lemonade stands are so passé. How about a detective stand?

In Which I Make Plans to Seriously Relax

Can I take a break without making fun of it? (Answer: No)

In Which Your Child’s Laptop Comes Preloaded for Independence

Should your middle-schooler have the virtual freedom to roam?

In Which I Neglect to Send in the Clowns

I'm hosting a big event. What could possibly go wrong?

In Which I'm Caught Shoplifting and I Blame the Baby

Important child-rearing advice for celebrities in midlife crises.

In Which Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

A response to the county's proposed bag tax.

In Which the Proposed New U.S. Passport Application Gets Shredded

Does the State Dept. really want to know about my background in telemarketing?

In Which I Con My Family into Writing My Column for Me

Twelve guidelines for a successful family beach vacation.

In Which Someone Wants a Pet Snake

Can a reptile teach responsibility?

In Which I Attempt to Explain the Piano

Why I'm not making my kids take lessons.

In Which it’s Impossible to Avoid the Science Fair Project

From the solar-powered radio to the Tinker Toy catapult and beyond.

In Which We Do Not Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Kids' birthday parties are not what they used to be.

In Which I Find That Working From Home Is Hardly Working

A 'room of my own' without distractions is hard to come by.

In Which I Celebrate Valentine's Day the Old-Fashioned Way

As a kid, I dreaded school celebrations of Valentine's Day; as a parent, I still do.

In Which I Return to the Microwave Burrito Days

Feeding a family of picky eaters has me reminiscing about eating single.

In Which I Meet Strangers on a Train and Eavesdrop on Them

The other passengers on Amtrak provide unexpected entertainment.


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