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Westmoreland Children’s Center

Three Convenient Centers in Bethesda

5148 Massachusetts Ave.





The reason for the enduring success over time at Westmoreland Children’s Center (WCC) is the extraordinarily high quality of their people. Everyone involved in the school have an exceptional commitment to students, families and the community.

One of those who perfectly exemplifies this is Libby Dubner-King, who has been at WCC for 25 years as a teacher, site director and now executive director. Her son attended the school, too. “I’m fortunate to run a preschool that I believe in and love,” she says. “Our culture is inspired by play and the thrill of discovery.”

“I’m especially proud that our families come back to visit us after graduating from our program. And, even more wonderful, we have students now whose parents were once students here!”

“Bringing a sense of wonder to a child is magical for me. I enjoy watching them grow into their little personalities and develop a love of playing and exploring, learning self-help skills and making friends.”

WCC delivers innovative programs on exercise, play and music, all primary elements in programs. Children learn at an individual pace with caring, well-trained teachers who are attentive to each child’s particular needs and who create a warm, loving, and safe place to learn. A neighborhood school, it also attracts children from D.C. and Virginia. The school offers the only National Association for the Education of Young Children-accredited program in the 20816 Zip code. It is also a part of the USDA Food Program serving healthy and nutritious meals.

At the three WCC locations along Massachusetts Avenue, WCC helps preschoolers develop a love of play, exploring and lifelong friendships.

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