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Voorthuis Opticians

Eight locations in Bethesda, Washington, D.C. and Alexandria


In 1973, Albert Voorthuis opened the first Voorthuis Opticians, hoping to change the landscape of eye care in the Washington Metropolitan area. The family owned and operated business has since grown to eight locations and is now run by Albert’s daughters, Anna-marie and Dr. Rebecca Voorthuis; son-in-law Seth Goldman manages the Westwood location. “Our dad was the first in the Washington, D.C. area to offer eyewear as fashion and not just medical devices,” Dr. Voorthuis says. “We’re proud to continue his vision of combining quality and compassionate eye care with fashion, helping our customers and patients see well and feel good. It brings us so much joy to help the kids of parents who got their first pair of glasses at Voorthuis Opticians.”

Combining modern care with old-fashioned values—spending time with and getting to know patients and clients—Voorthuis Opticians’ highly qualified optometrists and opticians work together to ensure all patients’ eye care needs are met. Maintaining good eyesight is only one part of overall eye care, Dr. Voorthuis says. Perhaps even more important is the ocular health assessment portion of a routine eye exam. Early detection of eye conditions, some of which can point to larger systemic health issues, can lead to better prognoses.

There is also a science to finding the right frames, factoring in eye placement, lens and bridge size, overall shape of the frame and much more. “The better the fit, the better the vision,” says Anna-marie, the company’s buyer. “A nice looking frame can enhance a person’s look; the right shape and color can brighten the face. There’s nothing more satisfying than when people pick up their glasses, can see clearly and smile when they look in the mirror.”

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