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In 2009, after years of working at conventional architecture firms, followed by a sabbatical as a stay-at-home mom, Margaret Gaughan Upton established Upton Architecture; a consortium of independent architects and interior designers who seek a balance between work and home. Operating from home-based offices throughout the D.C. area, Upton Architecture offers clients a full-service architectural practice with a smaller carbon footprint.

Our Work:

Upton Architecture was tasked with renovating a nondescript bath within a beautiful heavy timber master suite. The original drywall partitions dividing the master bath from the bedroom concealed some of the heavy timber construction, blocked the skylight and narrowed the entry to the room. We provided a design to make the room feel more open, accentuate the heavy structural details and make the bathroom feel more integrated into the overall design. Rather than trying to match the timbers, we contrasted the wood structure with steel and used bolted connections to reflect the wooden pegs of the timber frame. The new design compliments the unique construction while giving the space a new level of sophistication.

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