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What sets TRUEBODY apart from other gyms?

Exercise requires a comprehensive, planned approach to get great results. Navigating fitness on your own can be difficult. One option is to join a large club which has machines and some classes, but usually lacks personalized programming. Other people choose to attend many different small studios in order to get the necessary variety for a well-rounded routine. However, this tends to be inefficient and expensive. TRUEBODY is designed specifically to solve these problems.

TRUEBODY is a new boutique health club that is large enough to offer a full spectrum of classes and small enough to provide personal attention. We focus on classes and complete programs that work for each individual. Variety and progressive intensity are key. With 25 different formats of yoga, strength, cycling, circuit training and regeneration offered in over 100 classes per week, our members find a balanced and effective approach to reaching their personal goals.

How does TRUEBODY meet the health and fitness needs of a broad clientele?

All of the programming is created and overseen by renowned fitness trainer Robert Sherman. The classes are designed to be effective for all levels. From building a foundation to improving movement quality, as well as increasing overall strength and conditioning, our classes address all aspects of fitness.

At TRUEBODY, we also believe in the importance of community, which is why we host complimentary happy hours on Friday nights and brunches every Sunday, so that our members can enjoy meeting each other and socializing after working out. We offer discounts on memberships for companies who support health and fitness, as well as special family rates so people can train with the ones they care about most.

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