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Alan Meltzer learned the importance of a hard day’s work from an early age. Growing up near Boston, Meltzer’s mother would send him outdoors on days it snowed and would not let him back in the house until he shoveled each of their neighbors’ driveways. “I would come home exhausted,” Meltzer explained, “but I learned that if you simply work hard and treat people the right way, you can make a big impact.”

Meltzer has taken this mindset and applied it throughout his career. After being introduced to the insurance industry by his wife Amy in 1982, Alan began as a single agent and has since grown The Meltzer Group into one of the largest and most respected agencies in the entire Mid-Atlantic. He credits much of his success to Amy, along with their four children, Jennifer, Elizabeth, Max and Mark.

In an industry where many of the products offered are similar across companies, Meltzer’s mantra of delivering ‘raving fan service’ has been what sets The Meltzer Group apart. “We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, and then going even a little further than that for our clients,” Meltzer says. “Selling insurance is not rocket science – but getting people to trust you and rely on you, particularly in an industry that rapidly changes, is where the hard work and the relationships come in.”

The Meltzer Group’s client-centric focus is matched only in the way it treats its own staff. “We have terrific employees – I can’t emphasize that enough. They are the engine that keeps us running and it’s our responsibility to treat them well.”

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