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Photo by Hilary Schwab

The Face of Group Therapy

Counseling Center of Maryland


Phone: 301-742-2282

Website: https://www.counselingcenterofmaryland.com/groups/

The Counseling Center of Maryland™ (CCM) is changing the way people think about group therapy. “We empower our group members to step out of their comfort zones and into deeper relationships with themselves and others,” says Marjorie Kreppel, founder of CCM. “We believe that the rewards of group therapy are limitless—for those who are up for the challenge!”

During weekly sessions, group members learn new ways to break old patterns. They discover avenues for actual progress towards their goals, and they gain the confidence and skills they need to get to the next level in their professional and personal lives. For untapped potential, group therapy can be the missing key. Unlock, explore, and achieve new possibilities by joining a group at CCM.

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