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Photo by Lisa helfert

The Face of Finding Your Dream Home

Nya Alemayhu, Realtor® | Wydler Brothers | Compass


Phone: 202-212-9304

Website: https://www.compass.com/agents/nya-alemayhu/

Nya Alemayhu used to work in retail, where finding the perfect fit would greatly enhance how that person felt—and make her smile as well. It was the perfect feeling in the not-so-perfect job.

Enter real estate, which she did with her mind quickly devouring all there was to know. And that feeling grew exponentially, knowing that her clients would be living their best lives in a home she helped them find.

The feeling was personified the last time she returned from her native Ethiopia. “I walked into my home, saw my pictures, picked up Maxie’s dog toys, smelled aged incense, and experienced peace. This is what home means to me, and why I feel blessed to help those looking to find their dream home.”

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