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The Face of Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Lisa Fishberg, Deborah L. Webb, Malorie Letcavage, Howard B. Soypher, Rhian McGrath, Attorneys at Law | Webb Soypher McGrath, LLC


Phone: 301-298-8401

Website: https://www.wsmfamily.com

The experienced attorneys of Webb Soypher McGrath are ready to expertly guide clients through turbulent life transitions. They understand what you’re going through and have delivered legal knowledge and leadership for their clients time and again in matters involving divorce, custody, child support, alimony, disposition of property and more.

As experienced trial lawyers, the firm assists clients in reaching favorable outcomes through negotiation, mediation and litigation. They know that every situation is unique. Their objective is to assist clients in making sound choices and providing realistic expectations while guiding them throughout the entire process. The firm handles cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia, delivering the sophistication and experience to meet your needs.

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