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The Chesapeake Center for ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Health

6430 Rockledge Drive, Suite 500




Psychiatry/medication management, developmental and behavioral pediatric services, neuropsychological and psychoeducational assessments, psychotherapy, executive function coaching, tutoring/study skills, therapeutic placement services, career counseling, school consultations/observations

The Chesapeake Center for ADHD, Learning and Behavioral Health is excited to announced its new flagship office at 6430 Rockledge Drive in Bethesda. This facility is a comprehensive mental health practice, specializing in helping people of all ages with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disorders and other developmental issues, including autism spectrum disorders. The collaborative, multidisciplinary team features child and adult psychiatrists, a developmental pediatrician, neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, career counselors, executive functioning coaches and tutors.

Chesapeake’s founder, Dr. Kathleen Nadeau, says it’s important to understand that learning, behavioral and developmental issues are not separate from mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. ADHD, in particular, tends to co-occur with a wide range of disorders, including, anxiety, OCD, depression, bipolar disorder and substance use disorders.

While stimulant medication can be an effective strategy, it’s rarely so simple. Chesapeake helps their clients to cultivate behavioral strategies and executive functioning for lasting results. ADHD is a family affair, affecting more than the individual. Therefore, we engage in a collaborative process with the individual and his/her family learning to be “ADHD friendly,” to support building good daily habits and encourage each other in times of struggle.

ADHD can present challenges but at Chesapeake it’s considered less a “disorder” than a type of brain—one that holds great promise when its challenges are well managed. Through our strengths-based, solution-focused approach, treatment plans are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual, promoting a positive, productive life.

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