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Sogand Zamani, Esq.

Zamani & Associates PLLC

2121 K St. NW, #900

Washington, D.C.



Zamani & Associates founder Sogand Zamani worked hard to build a child-centric family law practice, helping families work through divorce and separation processes that support healthy parent-child relationships, even in high-conflict families. Sogand has devoted time and effort to learning to recognize the signs and symptoms within families that contribute to complex dynamics. Mental health issues, special needs where parents diverge on approach, and children who resist spending time with one parent, are especially difficult.

With the experience necessary to effectively advocate for clients in those circumstances, Sogand helps clients avoid crises post-separation. She brings years of experience to bear, skillfully negotiating durable custody and divorce agreements, and is equal to the task of litigation. Whenever needed, she involves other professionals to prioritize the emotional health of her clients and their children as the family goes through this significant transition. Zamani & Associates serves families in Washington, DC and Maryland.

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