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Shelly D. McKeon, & Jessica S. Kern

The McKeon Law Firm


17 B Firstfield Road, Suite 101 | Gaithersburg, MD 20878
3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700-71 | Bethesda, MD 20814


Phone: 301-417-9222


Q: Is it better to settle or go to court?

A: You may be tempted to sign an agreement just to end the process. But don’t accept an unfair settlement only to face future financial challenges. Reaching a full, final, and equitable settlement is our goal, but the court process does not intimidate us. We work in every way possible to control costs when litigation is necessary. Our firm helps clients rebuild their lives on their own terms.

Questions to consider: Are you being pressured into a settlement that you don’t understand? Do you have sufficient information to adequately weigh your options? Did both parties fully disclose finances? Were tax implications considered? Do you understand the rules involved with retirement assets? Answer these and prevent future problems.

Q: Is getting a divorce as expensive as I fear?

A: While money is a concern when facing divorce, fears about cost are often exaggerated. Many issues can be settled through mediation, which can be more cost effective than going to court. The greatest costs typically occur when someone attempts a do-it-yourself approach and later has to pay to fix their mistakes—if mistakes can be fixed at all.

Think of working with a family law attorney as a worthwhile investment in your future. You become well-educated about your rights and available options. This allows you to make informed decisions in either settlement or litigation.
We know family law issues can create stress and fear, and we strive to minimize those feelings as much as possible

The McKeon Law Firm offers a personal approach and customized solutions for family law matters. Shelly McKeon has been recognized by Washingtonian magazine and included in Maryland Super Lawyers, and the firm holds the highest Martindale-Hubbell rating. Many clients are referrals, which the firm considers one of its greatest achievements.

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