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Sandra Guzman-Salvado

Law Offices of Sandra Guzman-Salvado, LLC

11 N. Washington St., Suite 230




What qualities do you think a successful attorney should have?

A strong work ethic, the ability to adapt—and adjust—to varying circumstances, and the desire to keep learning. The best attorneys refuse to stay stagnant. A successful attorney should also have a trusted network of colleagues, or friends, to call upon when help or support is needed—and should not be afraid to do so.

What advice would you offer for women just starting out?

Go for your dreams—you never know what might happen if you don’t at least give it a shot. Many of the world’s most successful people have tried and failed many times on their way to where they are today. It’s those who do not give up, and stay optimistic, who eventually succeed. It’s also important to keep learning—read books, listen to podcasts and attend seminars to learn from others—to stay current on the latest developments in your industry.

How do you measure success?

To me, success means achieving a good life balance. I am only successful when I am able to devote enough time to three areas of my life: health, family and business.

What changes or innovations are on the horizon in your profession? How are you preparing for them?

Everything is turning to the internet or going digital and having an internet presence has become vital to staying in business. Staying in peoples’ minds is crucial for business development. To help me do so, I post blogs on family law related topics and have started recording a podcast that will soon be advertised, and will hopefully help people looking for information and guidance in the areas of divorce, custody and overall personal development.

“It’s those who do not give up, and stay optimistic, who eventually succeed.”

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