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Reza Golesorkhi

Joseph Greenwald & Laake PA

111 Rockville Pike, Suite 975



Main: 240-399-7900, Direct: 240-399-7892

Why does choosing the right divorce lawyer matter so much?
Divorce is extremely difficult. You need an experienced divorce attorney by your side, one that listens to you, provides you candid advice, and most importantly, answers his phone. It is not the time to hire your cousin’s boyfriend’s uncle who specializes in estate planning! You need an attorney who can navigate you through the emotional and financial issues of family disputes. You need a skilled divorce attorney and an advisor who understands the law, is familiar with the legal system and is not afraid to stand up for your rights.

As your attorney, I will go toe-to-toe with my colleagues to get you the best outcome both in and outside of the courtroom. If you are looking for a strong advocate to provide you the personalized service that you deserve, call me.

Shall I mediate or litigate my divorce?
The candid answer is that you will do both. Today, in virtually every divorce case, the parties attend mediation before filing for divorce or the court orders them into mediation. This is the reason why you need to hire an attorney who not only has command of the courtroom but is also a very effective negotiator. My philosophy is that mediation and litigation require the same skills, patience, preparation and precision.

Reza Golesorkhi is widely recognized as one of the top-tier divorce lawyers in Maryland and D.C. His business background makes him the go-to divorce lawyer for high net worth individuals. Skilled in all facets of client advocacy, his command of the courtroom sets him apart—he’s the divorce lawyer you want in court!

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