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Rama Taib-Lopez & Allison McFadden

Attorneys at Law Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA


111 Rockville Pike, Suite 975 | Rockville, MD 20850
Allison: 240-399-7891 Rama: 240-399-7880


Phone: Main: 240-399-7900


Q: How can you make a divorce or custody dispute easier during COVID?

A: Divorces and custody disputes have always been emotionally charged. COVID, with all of its stressors, has certainly amplified the emotions in play. The last thing people need right now is to go through a bitter divorce or custody dispute. Consulting with an attorney early on can help you understand your options under the law and plan a path forward, which, in turn, can help ease feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Even if our clients are not ready to separate or file for divorce, we can help them navigate communications, difficult decisions and disputes that may arise to maintain stability until they are ready to take next step.

We are both working moms of young children, so we are intimately aware of the unique challenges families are facing during the pandemic.

Q: How has COVID changed your family law practice?

A: Our practice looks a lot different but our core strategies and approach to cases are fundamentally the same. Because of health concerns, distance learning, employment demands and changes to financial resources, COVID has forced families into considering separation or reevaluating prior custody and child support arrangements. More than ever, individuals need unique and creative solutions. What used to be a cookie-cutter solution is now unrealistic. We’ve always utilized technology and innovative strategies to resolve cases either in trial or through settlement discussions, which puts us in an advantageous position to help our clients during these uncertain times.

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Both Senior Counsel at JGL, Rama and Allison offer 20 years of combined experience and represent individuals in complex family law disputes. They have extensive courtroom and alternative dispute resolution experience in family law, including divorce, custody and visitation, child support, property division, alimony, modifications, pre-nuptial agreements, and domestic violence.

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