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Premier Residences of Chevy Chase

Abdel Chahi, Executive Director

Five Star Premier Residences of Chevy Chase

8100 Connecticut Ave.

Chevy Chase, MD


Q: How has your background in the luxury hospitality industry influenced your work in senior care?

A: One area in which I feel my background within luxury hospitality has benefited the community here at Five Star Chevy Chase would be my recent focus on menu architecture and our food and beverage experiences. Within luxury hospitality, food and beverage is an important part of the guest stay and here at Five Star this is also true. The food and beverage team and I have curated the seasonally focused menu, adding frequent changes while maintaining favorite core offerings. This in combination with a focus on service blurs the line between luxury hospitality and luxury senior living.

Another component of luxury hospitality is the anticipation of guest needs. I noticed early on that bridge is a popular card game within our community, and wholly competitive! Every day, many of our residents sit at tabled to share stories, speak of their grandchildren and wager pennies. They kept score on scrap paper and on the backs of envelopes.

I decided to order lined note pads with a section for players’ names, along with decks of Five Star playing cards. This little gesture has delighted our community. Sometimes small things are very meaningful.

My primary focus is to ensure that I always remain close enough to my community so I can see the pain points and take anticipatory action to address or mitigate as best as possible. It is a great honor to be a part of such wonderful people’s daily lives, and that is something I and my team here take most seriously.

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