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O’HAIR Salon + Spa

424 Main St.

Gaithersburg, MD




What makes your client experience unique?

O’HAIR is an all-hands-in experience. Our commitment to this concept begins with our non-tipping policy, which at a glance seems simple, but truly is an integral part of our culture. All-hands-in promotes an all-inclusive, professionally driven atmosphere where our team works together to provide a consistently exceptional level of service.
Our education program supports that goal by giving our clients unparalleled service with any member of our team. They are all current on the latest trends, advanced techniques and most effective ways to achieve your beauty goals. To us, beauty is the thing that grabs your attention, makes you smile, stops you in your tracks. It is just as much an inner expression as it is an outside interpretation, equal parts universal and completely personal. We aim to bring both to our clients.

What is currently on trend in the industry?

The great thing is there really isn’t just one trend; it’s about individuality. There isn’t one cut or one way to apply foundation. The importance of face shape in the styling process has evolved so much over time. It has always been a general part of our education, but now it requires sharpening an ever-changing skill set. We see it in the melding of cutting techniques that create the most flattering outcome unique to the individual or in color contouring that enhances the features and encourages movement no matter how hair is styled that day. The same applies in skin and make-up. A variety of products and techniques are utilized to effectively address the client’s lifestyle, concerns and goals. Versatility is of the utmost importance; it requires us to really dress the individual so that their style changes not just with them, but for them.

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