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Neil S. Hyman

Law Office of Neil S. Hyman, LLC

4520 East West Highway, Suite 700

Bethesda, MD



Neil Hyman's firm started in March, 2010 to focus on employment law. He received his BA from the University of Maryland and his JD from the University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law in 1998. He lives in Chevy Chase with his wife, three children and their dog, Teddy.

Q: What’s happening in wage and hour law?


• Cities, counties and states establishing minimum wages rules different from the federal minimum wage create potential liability for employers.
• As employers continue to misclassify employees and improperly record and pay wages, the risk of an overtime lawsuit is a constant.
• With the continuing expansion of technology and remote work, employees are working outside of traditional business hours and “off the clock” lawsuits are on the rise.

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