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National Center for Children and Families


6301 Greentree Road
Bethesda 20817


Phone: 301-365-4480

Email: rspassiani@nccf-cares.org

Website: www.nccf-cares.org

The National Center for Children and Families (NCCCF) is constantly evolving. From their 1915 founding as an orphanage in the District of Columbia, they’ve transformed into a responsible and flexible community institution which continues to meet the needs of the diverse children, youth and families it serves throughout the D.C. metro area. From their Bethesda headquarters, NCCF is driven by a great sense of community responsibility for vulnerable children and families who live in the midst of one of the most educated and affluent regions in the world.

Nationally accredited and award winning, NCCF is synonymous with quality and continually exceeds the standard of care for their clients. One of NCCF’s core principles is that a community is responsible for supporting those in need. By providing volunteer opportunities and facilitating donations of money and goods, NCCF serves as a fulcrum for the local community to care for its own.

NCCF’s residential programs serve homeless families, victims of domestic violence, and children and adolescents who have been removed from their families due to abuse and neglect and/or behavioral challenges. NCCF now propels more than 50,000 children, youth and families annually into an improved quality of life through a wide continuum of 21 programs within the National Capital region (such as emergency shelters and transitional housing, therapeutic residential care, foster care and adoption, teen parent services, and community- and school-based prevention services), while relying on community education and training, volunteerism and advocacy. NCCF seeks to lead through transformation and inclusivity.

“Our hundred year history propels us forward, but NCCF’s future is responsive to the needs of the community. We’ve captured the benefit of experience without being held siege to it,” says NCCF Communications Director Rachel Poyatt Spassiani. “As a result, the more we change the more we stay true to our original mission to support a better life for everyone in the community.”

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