Ask the Experts: Seniors & Aging

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Photo by Hilary Schwab


Jill Berkman Business Development Manager


2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700
Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Phone: 240-220-9627


Q: What are Montcordia’s hiring and training practices?

A: We hire the best of the best; in fact, we hire less than 1% of all applicants to be what we call Direct Care Partners. Anyone we hire receives a thorough vetting. They must be highly experienced and pass proficiency tests. We assess each person’s aptitudes, qualifications, references, skill sets and emotional intelligence. They are all tech savvy; they drive and will do light housekeeping and even care for pets.

In their first year with Montcordia, they receive 1,500% more training than home health aides from average home care agencies. In fact, we have benchmarked the business practices of The Ritz-Carlton. Our direct care partners are employees of Montcordia and do not work for other agencies because we guarantee them sufficient hours, provide full benefits and higher pay, and pay for travel time.

Q: Are your employees tech-savvy?

A: Absolutely, they must be tech-savvy because we provide clients with electronic assistive devices for engagement, entertainment, exercise and communication with family.

High-tech assistive technologies are extremely helpful and may include telehealth devices that support virtual care and long-term monitoring, educational software and similar technologies. We help clients evaluate options, train them in their use and then provide ongoing support. Our remote monitoring ensures that these assistive technologies contribute to their quality of life.

Q: Do you coordinate care if a client decides to move to assisted living?

A: We have experienced and knowledgeable geriatric care managers who can make transitions easier. They can help with both short- and long-term care plans, coordinate medical services, and assist in evaluating alternative living arrangements should that become necessary or preferable.

Montcordia’s services include companion care, geriatric care management and all manner of personal care. With no minimum, we provide as little as one hour of service if that’s what’s needed. We modeled our high standards after the practices of The Ritz-Carlton and availed ourselves of their training to ensure our clients receive a premier support experience. We deliver a concierge level of care with our premiere care professionals.

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