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Mimi Brodsky Kress

Chief Operating Officer Sandy Spring Builders, LLC

4705 West Virginia Ave.

Bethesda, MD




Sandy Spring Builders is the premier custom homebuilder in the area. An integrated, full-service team with 40 years of experience in bringing our client’s vision to life. Our vast portfolio of well-built homes make a lasting impression, proven by myriad awards including Best of Bethesda every year since its inception.

Q: What was a major turning point in your life?

A: After graduating college, I had no clear career path. A simple question from my dad, a semi-retired homebuilder, opened the door to my future. He asked if I wanted to apprentice with a local builder and see how I liked it. I worked in the field for a year learning all about homebuilding, from the ground up, then worked for another builder. In the early 1980’s I built several warehouse projects with my late brother. And for the past 30 years I’ve been building stunning custom homes with my business partner, Phil Leibovitz.

Q: What’s the most important lesson learned during your career?

A: I’ve worked in a traditionally male-dominated industry for the past 40 years. Early on, I felt the need to prove myself with the guys out in the field. I learned quickly that if I knew what I was talking about, they would listen and respect me. And if I didn’t know something, it was okay to ask questions. We tell everyone on our team, there are no stupid questions.

Q: What do you love most about doing business in this area?

A: Community service is important at Sandy Spring Builders, and our area provides opportunities to give back locally. Many in our community cannot afford our homes, so volunteering with affordable housing and homelessness organizations is important to me. And I love the pride I feel seeing our beautiful homes, and knowing we have happy clients who often become our friends.

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