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Photo by Darren Higgins

Michelle Locey, Marcia Kuntz, Makia Weaver

From Top Left (clockwise): Michelle Locey, Esq., Marcia Kuntz, Esq. Makia Weaver, Esq.

Kuder, Smollar, Friedman & Mihalik, P.C.


1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036


Phone: 202-331-7522 | 202-331-0388


Q: Why does the right divorce lawyer matter?

A: When people need a family lawyer, it’s often because they’re facing the most traumatic and consequential situations they have ever confronted. Anxiety and fear are compounded greatly when children are involved. The financial impact of a family separation—exacerbated by legal fees—can be severe.

Now the good news: The right family lawyers bring pragmatism, compassion, experience and knowledge to bear on challenges facing their clients. They will seek to minimize and resolve conflict, while zealously and capably litigating should those efforts fail. A KSFM client has described our involvement by saying that we made an inherently painful process bearable, helping ease the way forward for him and his family. This is why the right divorce lawyer matters.

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