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Michael Gottlieb

Momentum Law Group

9211 Corporate Blvd., Suite 350






What makes an entrepreneur’s legal needs unique?

Entrepreneurs demonstrate an unmatched passion for scaling their business and a willingness to take risks. As each entrepreneur’s needs are unique, we take a tailored approach to solving each challenge they face or question they have.

For an entrepreneur, the law alone often doesn’t tell the whole story. When evaluating their questions or concerns, we first look at the psychology behind any decision and how it will affect the entrepreneur, as well as others involved. The next step is to look at the business implications and how each alternative could positively or negatively impact the business. Only after we evaluate the psychological and business conditions, does the legal approach come into play. Entrepreneurs move at 100 miles per hour; our goal is to remove any speedbumps that might interfere with their momentum.

We proudly represent entrepreneurs and privately held businesses as outside general counsel. We work with their leadership to uniquely address the legal and strategic speedbumps they face in their businesses.

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