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Photo by Hilary Schwab

McMillan Metro, P.C.

Pictured at the conference table clockwise from bottom left: Michael Faerber, Larry Burch, Howard Metro, Jennifer Manley-Kapoor; Pictured on screen from left to right, top row: Lawrence Jacobs, Ginny Cascio Bonifacino, Natasha Nazareth Bottom row: Jose Espejo, Andrew Friedman


7811 Montrose Road, Suite 400
Potomac, MD 20854


Phone: 301-251-1180

Website: https://www.mcmillanmetro.com

McMillan Metro, P.C. is a law firm you should know, with attorneys spanning more than three decades worth of expertise across a wide variety of practice areas. They pride themselves on being a locally based team of professionals readily available and motivated by a genuine desire to provide assistance and create positive and lasting relationships.

“We know how to navigate the landscape, and when we combine our love of the community with our knowledge of its laws, we find that we are best suited to serve the legal needs of our fellow residents,” says McMillan Metro Partner Michael Faerber.

Their 29 years of success can be attributed to their motto, “Knowledge, Strategy, and Results.” By acknowledging that each legal situation is unique, they’re able to tailor their approach to ensure specific needs are met and the best possible outcome is achieved for all parties involved.

Although the past year has been challenging due to the pandemic, McMillan Metro was able to utilize their technological capabilities in order to assist their clients. With remote conferencing and a strong support staff, their day-to-day operations remained intact. As a more in-person approach gradually returns, they continue to prioritize safety with social distancing, smaller meetings, wellness screens and sanitizing stations.

Choosing a lawyer can be intimidating. The attorneys at McMillan Metro make it easy. Whether you are seeking counsel for your business or individual needs, you can rest assured that your matters are in capable hands, from start to finish. Their team of experienced professionals welcome all inquiries regarding your current or potential legal concerns.

“...when we combine our love of the community with our knowledge of its laws...we are best suited to serve the legal needs of our fellow residents."

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