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From Left: Maplewood residents, a retired foreign-service couple, enjoy happy hour delivered to their door by server Stephanie Bowman.

9707 Old Georgetown Road

Bethesda, MD



“In the midst of the pandemic, our team members have been challenged to think differently about how they deliver safe, personalized care and attention to our seniors. They have responded by finding creative new ways to help residents feel supported and connected.”—Barbara Harry, Executive Director

Throughout the Covid-19 outbreak, Maplewood Park Place has seamlessly managed community operations to keep residents and team members safe. When a positive test was found in another senior community in the area, Maplewood immediately self-quarantined.

Laser-focused on proactive decision-making, management has strictly followed the guidelines set by federal, state and county health departments. In March, long before testing for Covid-19 was mandated by the state of Maryland, Maplewood began on-site testing, enabling a continuous cycle through the spring and summer of Test, Trace, Isolate and Re-test. These initiatives are fully endorsed by Maplewood’s governing Board of Directors and the entire community. Residents and their families are updated weekly.

Along with safety, a top priority for Maplewood has been helping residents stay connected with family and friends through Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. Staff have also created new ways to engage and entertain residents, from rolling happy hours to meals delivered door to door, staged events in the hallways to special programming on Maplewood’s in-house TV station.

In Phase 2 of reopening, which began in July, dining room service partially resumed, seating one to two people at smaller tables and three to four at larger ones. The beauty salon opened for business, and the popular billiards group and exercise class returned. Throughout, masks, disinfectant and social distancing protocols have been rigorously enforced.

Maplewood’s swift and effective response to the pandemic has furthered its reputation as the area’s premier senior living community, focused always on resident safety, comfort and full engagement.

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