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Lindsay Parvis

Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, PA


111 Rockville Pike, Suite 975
Rockville, MD 20850


Phone: O: 240-339-7900 | D: 240-399-7825



Q: How can an attorney make my family legal matter better (not worse)?

A: Family legal matters – like divorce, child custody and guardianship – can be one of life’s worst experiences. The reshaping of a family is complicated at best. When hiring an attorney, consider these tips:

First: Communication. How well do you and the attorney communicate? Do you feel heard? Is the information easy to understand? Bad communication with an attorney rarely improves.

Second: Your instincts. Listen to them. Red flags rarely go away. Family legal matters usually get harder before getting better. That makes red flags bigger and more difficult to ignore over time.

Third: Focus. How focused is the attorney on you? Your family? Family law? Realistic options? Find an attorney whose focus matches your needs, goals and priorities.

Fourth: Cost. Legal matters come with a cost – financial for sure, but also time, energy, stress, and distraction from family and work. Explore early what is both realistic and manageable.

I strive to make this experience better by careful listening, making information easy to understand, customizing options and solutions, and being as available as possible. My clients and I work together as a team, so my client feels supported. I help my client find a voice and be heard when my clients feel unheard and powerless. When the situation feels out of control, I aim to bring order through decisive action and strategy.

Since 2002, Lindsay has represented clients in Maryland custody, divorce and marital matters. She negotiates, litigates and advocates for the best interests of her clients, whether in contested litigation, uncontested settlement, or premarital and other agreements.

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