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Lerch, Early & Brewer

Top (L-R): Erik Arena, Heather Collier, Casey Florance, Erin Kopelman Bottom (L-R): Deborah Reiser, Christopher Roberts, Donna E. Van Scoy, Elizabeth Estephan


7600 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 700
Bethesda, MD 20814


Phone: 301‑986‑1300


Q: What should I expect from my divorce attorney?

A: If you are going through or are contemplating separation or divorce, you need information. Our attorneys are responsive: they’re excellent listeners, they answer their phones and they include you in the process at every step of the way, so you understand your rights and responsibilities. When working with us, you always know exactly where things stand in your case. Lerch Early clients also benefit from the experience of a boutique family law shop backed by the knowledge and support of a full-service law firm. When a matter involves complex real estate, business, tax, employment, estate or criminal defense issues, our clients benefit from close collaboration between our divorce attorneys and their colleagues in the firm’s other practice areas.

Q: When should I go to court for a divorce?

A: Ideally, disputes are resolved amicably, without the need for litigation. Lerch Early attorneys are highly skilled at negotiation, mediation and collaborative law. However, in the case you are unable to come to an amicable resolution, you need attorneys who excel in the courtroom. With 140 years of combined experience, Lerch Early’s divorce attorneys are prepared and strong advocates before the courts in Maryland and the District, with significant trial experience.

Lerch Early’s team of divorce lawyers represents clients in complex and highly contentious conflicts, and in simpler, more amicable matters in Maryland and D.C. We regularly handle issues including alimony, asset distribution, child support, custody, visitation, post-divorce modifications and prenuptial/postnuptial agreements. During COVID-19, our attorneys remain available to meet clients.

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