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Kindle & Boom Salon

Jenny Shyu & Kirk Rubin

180 Halpine Road




“I’ve always been interested in textures and colors,” says Jenny Shyu, co-owner of Kindle & Boom. Shyu wanted to be a hairdresser from an early age,but went to college to appease her family. She majored in studio art. “After I graduated I went straight to hair school and pursued it full force,” she says. Shyu’s background in oil and canvas informs her career as a hairdresser. “Hair is pretty much just a canvas in front of you,” says Shyu.

Shyu’s business partner and husband, Kirk Rubin, has a different story. Rubin’s mother was friends with hair dressers, so he was exposed to the industry as a child. “I grew up in that circle,” says Rubin. “I didn’t want the same life as everyone else.” Rubin moved to New York City and got a job on Wall Street. But when someone from the industry told Rubin he’d make a great hairdresser, Rubin was drawn in. “At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than making someone feel truly happy with themselves,” he says. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Though they sit on opposite sides of the salon, Rubin and Shyu share what they learn from their experiences. Social media helps them keep up with trends: inverted lobs, face framing highlights for fall and winter. But most integral to their salon, Rubin and Shyu agree, is the positive experience they provide for their customers. “We take the extra initiative,” says Shyu. “When I’m at home, I think about my clients. I ask how their family is doing. When they’re sick, I check in on them. I have a relationship with them. I have a history with them.”

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