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Kevin Gilday and Tom Gilday

Gilday Renovations

9162 Brookville Road

Silver Spring




Home & condominium renovation specialists; 40 years of experience; Award-winning architects, designers and builders; Highly collaborative design-build process

What are some issues to consider when downsizing your home?

Think about how you want to live. Drive less? Walk or bike more? Looking for conveniences and amenities nearby? These come with an urban setting. If you want to spend time at home, the privacy of suburban living might be your thing.

Condos and townhomes offer urban lifestyles with theater and restaurants in a short walk or quick cab ride. If you want outdoor space for gardening and more seclusion, a smaller home on an easily manageable lot might be right. Whatever you choose, you’ll probably be looking at a space that needs updating or customizing. A renovation is an investment in enhanced quality and refinements in your new space.

What are the special considerations when downsizing to a condominium?

Most condos have less space than a single-family home, so you’re making a lifestyle change that swaps square footage for freedom and flexibility. You gain freedom from maintaining rooms that you rarely spend time in, from exterior maintenance and upkeep and having to drive everywhere. You can travel for extended periods and have the flexibility to come and go as you please.

Consider whether you prefer a modern high-rise or the rich character of a legacy building. Condos in older buildings may have larger room dimensions in addition to built-in charm. New condos may have less space but offset that with high-end finishes, lots of glass and open floor plans.

The process of downsizing lets you reinvent yourself, too. You can renovate with the enhancements and upgrades you want. Having less space to deal with, you can put more into it.

Over 40 years, Gilday Renovations has provided clients with a highly collaborative design-build process that seamlessly blends expertise of its award-winning team of architectural designers, interior designers and master builders.

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