Ask the Experts: Seniors & Aging

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Kensington Park Senior Living

From Left: Cynthia Park, Kyoko Marrone, Gloria Bernstein


Mary Mell, Executive Director
3620 Littledale Road Kensington, MD 20895


Phone: 301-946-7700


Q: What is The Kensington Club and why was it established as your first of three levels of memory care?

A: The Kensington Club is a specialized program for our assisted living residents experiencing early memory loss. This mild dementia can include forgetfulness, losing track of time and confusion while completing complex tasks, but is not so significant that it requires transition to our memory care environment. To ensure that these residents can still thrive in assisted living, we established The Kensington Club as our first level of memory care. This small group of 10-12 assisted living residents meet with our designated, dementia-trained coordinator daily. They remain an integral part of the larger assisted living community through mealtimes, daily happy hours, outings and celebrations while benefiting from K-Club services. These services include a full schedule of diverse activities like daily exercise, brain fitness, discovery outings and sessions with our board-certified music therapists.

Q: What social and emotional impact does The Kensington Club have on residents?

A: Sometimes, when early dementia sets in, individuals can become anxious because they are still aware of their forgetfulness, so they may self-isolate. The Kensington Club’s special focus on relationships is the most powerful antidote to that loneliness. Members are inseparable, often strolling across our eight-acre campus together. Robin Taub, daughter of resident Gloria Bernstein, shared that the club has been life-transforming for her mother. She feels that mom is more self-confident because there is no judgement among peers. Instead, they find the humor in their shared experiences. Kyoko Marrone, our Kensington Club coordinator, fosters this sense of belonging lovingly through her structured, meaningful programming. Her unique ability to make residents feel successful each day is an invaluable tool in respecting and honoring their dignity.

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