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Jennifer Fairfax, Esq.

Family Formation Law Office

827 Woodside Parkway

Silver Spring



How do we get started with adoption?
I always recommend clients begin with a consult with an experienced adoption attorney who can explain international and domestic adoption options, including agency and private adoption. Adoption attorneys often work across all areas and types of adoption and have experience representing expectant parents, agencies and adoptive parents, so their perspective is more universal and their advice based on broad experience.

When I meet with clients, we talk about options for family building and work collaboratively to determine which approach makes the most sense. From there, we work toward identifying a home study agency before we start putting together a client-specific strategy.

Jennifer Fairfax, LLC, Family Formation Law Offices help clients grow and build their families through Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART). Jennifer Fairfax and Catelyn Slattery are both licensed in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Jennifer is a former VP, Trustee and current Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption & Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys.

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