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Jamie Kent Hamelburg

Press, Dozier & Hamelburg, LLC

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What woman inspires you and why?

If I had to pick one person it would be my mom. She ran a small business well into her 80s and when I was growing up I worked alongside her. She showed me the great opportunities and occasional challenges in running a business. This spurred my interest in entrepreneurship and small business matters. Today, I co-own a business—a law firm in Bethesda—and I dedicate a significant part of my practice to helping business owners like my mom.

How have you mentored or inspired others who are following in your footsteps?

I volunteer at the Maryland Women’s Business Center. I teach a class that walks entrepreneurs through the key legal steps needed to start a business. My goal in teaching these classes is to inspire entrepreneurs and help them realize their dreams of starting a business. Between my workshops at the center and my client work at my firm, I’ve partnered with hundreds of women and men as they launch and grow their companies.

What’s changed for women in business, if anything, over your career?

At the start of my legal career, there were relatively few women in senior level roles, either in law firms or as clients. It’s gratifying to see that this is changing. I now have many clients who are women, and during negotiations it’s much more common to see other women at the table.

What advice would you offer for women just starting out?

Every job is important, no matter what it is. Especially when starting your career, you may be asked to do tasks you don’t find particularly interesting or important. That’s the nature of many entry-level positions. If you approach every job with determination, people will notice your diligence and drive, and you can learn from every opportunity.

“I’ve partnered with hundreds of women and men as they launch and grow their companies.”

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