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From Left: Christopher Brown, Lisa Crivella, Matthew Sanchez. Photo by Lisa Helfert

Ivy League Financial Advisors LLC

Christopher N. Brown MBA, CFP®, AIF® NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor®


11 N. Washington St., Suite 250
Rockville, MD 20850


Phone: 301-258-1300



Q: What types of clients do you specialize in?

A: We specialize in working with successful law firm partners and C-Level corporate executives in the Washington, DC metro area. Often our clients are family stewards who face the challenge of making all the financial choices for their family while working in a high-pressure job. They want to make sure they are making the best decisions, but often don’t know what questions to ask or what their next steps are. We guide them through the myriad decisions they need to make, always making sure we’re sensitive to where they’re coming from and what’s important to them. In addition, we help them implement holistic financial solutions, as the best decisions are meaningless unless they have follow-through.

Q: What makes your client experience unique?

A: We act as a personal Chief Financial Officer for successful families. In doing so, we use the best experts to provide elite wealth management solutions to help clients make smart decisions about their wealth, mitigate taxes, take care of heirs, protect assets, and magnify their charitable impact as desired. As Fee-Only financial advisors, our business model is based on fiduciary standards of loyalty, due care, full disclosure, and utmost good faith to clients. The experience all starts with a discovery meeting, where we look at where clients are, where they would like to be and identify any gaps to see how they may benefit from working with us.

“We help our clients create incredible lives of significance.”

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