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Deborah Webb, Howard B. Soypher, Lisa Fishberg and Rhian McGrath

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Will text messages that I have sent or social media postings that I have made come up in the divorce proceeding?
In the majority of contested cases, the answer is “yes.” It is now routine for each side to request that the other produce copies of all text message exchanges with certain individuals. Our clients are regularly reminded to be judicious in what they chose to write in text messages and what they chose to post on social media.

Our general rule of thumb is do not write or post anything that you would not want a judge to read.

In Maryland, do I need to be separated from my spouse for a year before I can get a divorce?
If you and your spouse enter into a written agreement resolving all of your issues such as, custody, child support, alimony and disposition of your property, then you can mutually agree to immediately proceed with a divorce on the grounds of mutual consent. The final divorce hearing is typically held about 6-8 weeks after the request for the hearing is filed.

Our attorneys are consistently recognized as top leaders in family law by numerous local and national publications, including Super Lawyers, Top 100 in the State of Maryland and D.C. We are also fellows in prestigious national and international organizations that advance the practice of family law.

Webb Soypher McGrath is a premier family law firm whose attorneys are trusted leaders in family law. We provide personalized service with a high level of expertise. Our goal is to assist our clients in reaching favorable outcomes through negotiation, mediation and litigation, when necessary. We are mindful to be cost-efficient when managing your case.

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