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McCabe Russell, PA

Heather McCabe & Emily Russell

Offices in Howard County & Montgomery County, MD


What makes McCabe Russell different?
We put clients first. Our attorneys have established reputations as assertive and confident negotiators and litigators offering legal guidance designed to eliminate clients’ stress, worry and confusion.
Clients work with a responsive and supportive team. We serve as legal advisors, advocates and emotional support for clients. This role is strengthened by the depth of our expertise and our ability to relate to our clients’ situation.

A recent client shared, “I highly recommend the McCabe Russell team. They are dedicated to helping their clients achieve stability from a stressful, life-changing event. Whether you seek mediation or aggressive defense and support, the McCabe Russell team will remain focused on helping you achieve a positive outcome.”

McCabe Russell, P.A. offers over 55 years of Family Law experience. The partners understand the importance of client advocacy and strive to create a stress-free experience for clients. They are active in local and legal communities, supporting an array of issues and organizations.

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