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Heather McCabe & Emily Russell

McCabe Russell, PA


Offices in Howard County & Montgomery County, MD


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Q: How do you tell your children about your separation and divorce?

A: There may be anger, fear and devastation but if you and your spouse approach coming changes in a respectful and sensitive way with your kids, it can help them through it in time. Change can be scary for everyone but approaching the conversation with understanding and care can make a big difference.

Be prepared to answer questions like:

• Where will everyone live?
• Will I be home when mom/dad moves
• Am I going to have to move?
• Why are you divorcing?

Be honest without sharing details harmful to your relationship. Don’t lay blame at either parent’s feet. If there has been infidelity, it benefits no one to make it known to your children, and it could come back to bite you should there be a dispute over custody and visitation.

You can ease the transition for children by helping them understand that they’re not losing a parent, they aren’t to blame, and they’re not being asked to choose sides — so don’t place them in the position of feeling like they must.

Q: Why should I use McCabe Russell?

A: We are ethical, discreet and knowledgeable attorneys who understand not only the minute details of the relevant laws for your case and their potential effects, but also how each family is unique – and how individual circumstances affect how we move forward, together. We offer our clients unshakeable legal and emotional support, so that they can find a path to their new lives.

Top Attorney, Bethesda Magazine, 2019; Super Lawyer Rising Star 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020; Super Lawyer 2019, 2020; Avvo 10.0; Best Lawyers 2021; Lawyer of Distinction 2020; Baltimore Business Journal Top 50 Women Owned Business in 2020

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