Test of Time

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FineCraft Building Contractors

Niko Papaheraklis


104 Summit Hall Road
Gaithersburg 20877


Phone: 301-330-9191

Email: niko@finecraftcontractors.com

Website: www.finecraftcontractors.com

Since 1985, FineCraft has been creating award-winning kitchens, baths, additions, remodels and custom houses in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. “FineCraft is now well into its second generation. We’ve stood the test of time by our sheer dedication and gung-ho approach to every project. We apply specific actions and abide by particular systems that are foolproof,” says Niko Papaheraklis, business manager. “This includes care, transparent communication, on-schedule projects, unwavering quality and last—but certainly not least—having fun. Without this, a general contractor won’t make it.”

“Construction is fundamentally dirty—dust, paint, mud and grime. But it can also be emotionally messy. Clients are trusting us with their money to do work in their home, and as we all know, construction rarely goes 100 percent according to plan,” says George Papaheraklis, founder and president.

“It may fall behind, run over budget or require changes on the fly,” says George. “The systems we’ve put into place have resulted in a 95 percent success rate with clients. When we finish a project our clients feel like friends. They know the names of our crew members, and we know the names of their kids and pets. Clients have even brought home pizza for our guys. And our guys have gone out of their way to teach some kids a thing or two about construction.”

This relationship is ultimately the reason clients refer FineCraft to friends and family and come back when they need additional projects completed. Solid relationships with clients begin on day one. “Building to a general contractor is second nature, but it’s a whole other ball game for a builder to construct a lasting relationship,” says George.

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