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Financial Services Advisory

L-R: Jim Joseph, CFP®, President; Kim Scott, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning; Ron Rough, CFA, Director of Portfolio Management; Dave Petersen, CFP®, Founder

One Church Street, Suite 901

Rockville, MD



Awards and Affiliations
CityWire RIA Magazine recipient of “Future 50” award, 2019, Financial Planning Association, CFA Society of Washington

What is your investment approach?

FSA has been helping clients manage uncertainties for nearly 40 years. Our approach is designed to make money while adapting to changing market conditions. To help preserve portfolios from market losses, we created an exit strategy called the FSA Safety Net®.

Our clients come to us because they know that it’s not what you make that counts—but what you keep.

What services do you or your firm provide?

Besides portfolio management, we help clients with their financial and retirement planning needs. What does a successful retirement look like for you? How can you put your children through college? Can you afford a boat or second home? Should you pay off your house or refinance? For these questions and more, we have a team of seasoned professionals to help.

What licenses, credentials or other certifications do you hold—and why do they matter to your clients?

Registered with the SEC as an investment advisor, we’re bound by law to put your interests before our own. We have clients in 40 states and a second office in South Florida. All lead advisors are Certified Financial Planners. Our certifications and credentials require the highest education and ethical standards.

What makes your client experience unique?

We want and encourage every team member to display our unique culture. We strive to be authentic, transparent and proactive, and to take personal responsibility for our actions. If there are conflicts among the team members, we give everyone tools to express themselves in a way that is honest, direct and respectful. And of course, we bring these same attitudes and tools to our interactions with our clients.

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