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Fierst & Fink, PC

Barry R. Fierst, Stephanie L. Fink, Shai Fierst

200-A Monroe St., Suite 200

Rockville, MD


Phone: 301-762-8872 | Fax: 301-762-8874

Q: How is Fierst & Fink different from other firms in Montgomery County?

A: We practice in the areas of estate planning and administration, elder law, disability law, guardianship law and family law.

We are known for estate planning for families who have children or other family members with disabilities. We help all parents navigate and advocate for the myriad of services for which their child with disabilities may be eligible.

We advise clients going through a divorce who have a child with a disability so that the child’s eligibility for benefits will be preserved. Our knowledge of how the disposition of assets and income in a divorce affects eligibility for certain federal and state benefits available for long-term care enables us to effectively assist clients with “gray divorces.”

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