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From Left: Lisa Shepet, Director Of Nursing, Select; Michelle Boyd, Business Development Manager; And Rebekah Bianco, Business Development Manager; Prepare to Assemble Personal Protective Equipment Packages for Caregivers.

1010 Wayne Ave.

Silver Spring, MD



Since 1968, Family & Nursing Care has been the premier resource for in-home care services for older adults, dedicated to and recognized for their passion and commitment to serve, help, and enhance the quality of life and well-being of others.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, the entire team at Family & Nursing Care recognizes the incredible amount of stress and worry that older adults and the individuals who care for them are feeling. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently recommends older adults remain in their homes to reduce the potentially serious risks presented by the virus. In-home caregivers serve as a vital link to keep seniors safe and well cared for.

Family & Nursing Care continues to be dedicated to supporting the physical and emotional needs of vulnerable adults during these uncertain times. Caregivers receive regular COVID-19 testing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), adhere to CDC protocols, and benefit from educational opportunities about following appropriate safety practices such as how to put on and take off PPE.

Caregivers are essential to the well-being of older adults regardless of COVID-19. In-home caregivers allow individuals to continue living safely in their homes, providing them short or long-term care that results in more independence and a higher quality of life.

Family & Nursing Care has helped tens of thousands of families by providing access to caregivers who not only assist with bathing, dressing and mobility, but also provide vital social support and companionship that older adults need to thrive. Whatever the need may be, Family & Nursing Care is prepared to step in.

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