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From Left: Clients, Arthur and Helen Popper Caregiver Connie Kuevey, Family & Nursing Care

1010 Wayne Ave.

Silver Spring, MD 20910


Q: For someone who is looking for a caregiver, what advice would you give?

A: Connie: It’s a learning process. When looking for a caregiver, make sure it feels right, that this person is someone who you get along with very well and who you feel understands you right from the start. Of course, you will want someone who has the skills to provide the care you need. It’s a very personal relationship but the bottom line is that it is like hiring anyone for something you need: you want to be on the same wavelength. Great communication and understanding go a long way. Don’t accept the first person, or the second, if you feel that they are not the right match for you and your needs. Don’t settle if you don’t think it is the right match.

Q: Based on your experience, what’s the secret to creating a strong bond with your caregiver?

A: Arthur and Helen: Creating a strong bond requires great communication and trust from both parties. Connie’s strength is when we ask her something, she actually listens. The main thing we appreciate about our relationship with Connie is that we’re able to talk things through. There is always a dialogue. She has great ideas and we listen to them because we respect her experience and we trust her. We try to support her in every way we can as well.

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