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“We want to make sure you never worry about how your older parent gets along with his or her caregiver,” says Natalie Blickman, client services manager. “We want the families of clients to know their loved one’s physical and emotional needs are being met.”

At Family & Nursing Care, expert client services managers (CSMs) and care coordinating managers (CCMs) work to make those goals a reality. The CSM digs deep with the prospective client and their family and get to know about their physical needs, but also about their emotional needs, their interests, their personality and their preferences. They really get to know and understand clients and families on a deeply personal level and they become the family’s go-to person at Family & Nursing Care.

The CCMs get to know the caregivers’ skills, interests, and personalities just as intimately. Together, they recommend a caregiver that possesses the skill sets, personality, interests and more to be that perfect match. And then they work to make sure the match remains perfect. The client-caregiver bond is the foundation of this business. Dedication to the perfect match process is why families have placed their trust in Family & Nursing Care for over half a century.

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