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Emily Cook, PhD, LCMFT

Emily Cook Therapy, LLC

9617 Arlington Road, Suite 226






What’s the best advice you’ve received and how has it helped you?

When I was training to become a marriage and family therapist, my supervisor told me, “There aren’t any points for doing things the hard way.” Her advice stuck with me and has helped me personally and professionally. She didn’t mean the easy way is better or that hard things aren’t worth doing. She was trying to challenge my belief that if I was suffering, I was therefore earning “points.” She encouraged me to ask for help when I needed it and to trust the voice inside that whispers (or shouts) that I need to rest. As a woman in business who is also a mother, wife, friend, daughter and therapist, I’m often balancing more than I can accomplish in any given day. Remembering that I am in control of the choices I make empowers me to ask: is there a different way?

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