Ask the Experts: Seniors & Aging

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Photo by Hilary Schwab

Elder Nourish

Kimberly Lipinski, Founder/CEO


703 Edgewood St. NE
Washington, DC 20017


Phone: 571-234-1135



Q: How does Elder Nourish improve the lives of seniors?

A: Elder Nourish provides the means for our clients to age in place deliciously. Personal preferences and the complexity of their diets make options such as restaurants and packaged meals unworkable. Elder Nourish creates and delivers fully customized dietitian-approved meals that meet each client’s specific nutritional requirements and taste preferences. Using the finest ingredients, talented chefs provide meals that enable seniors with dietary challenges to thrive.

“Our meals need to be kidney friendly, low salt and gluten free, so it’s been really tough to figure out. Elder Nourish devised a wonderful set of meals for us. They are truly a godsend; I love the food. I actually look forward to each meal.” —Howie Hallock and Jean Eckart, Washington, DC

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