Test of Time

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7830 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda 20814


Phone: 301-986-1800

Website: www.EagleBankCorp.com

EagleBank was born in 1998, with offices in Bethesda, Silver Spring and Rockville. Now celebrating 20 years of community business banking, time has flown since a dedicated group of energetic business owners and experienced bankers decided that a local financial resource that could offer instant access to top management and provide local decision making was needed for our business community.

“We’ve been growing and earning customer relationships ever since and now provide 20 branches in the metro area,” says Chairman and CEO Ronald Paul. “Our celebration is your celebration. It’s all about the customer relationships, the community we all call home, and the many organizations and individuals we’ve enjoyed working with and meeting over the last 20 years. That’s the heart of our success and celebration,” says Paul.

“We listen. We invest in technology and we design services our customers ask for and need,” says Sr. EVP Susan G. Riel. “As clients grow and create their own histories, we grow right beside them and keep up with community and client needs. We are headquartered right here for quick response, while other banks must check with a regional or national office. And, our lending strength endured during weak economic times to provide funding when client opportunities just could not wait—that’s a proud part of our rich history.”

No business, large or small, wants to go it alone without a strong financial partner they trust and can call anytime to discuss an opportunity and get answers. “That’s a mutually beneficial relationship, which is how success is created, growth is continued and the next 20 years of success is achieved,” says Paul.

“It’s you, our customers, we celebrate today, and 20 years of providing creative financial solutions, sharing and participating in community achievements, and enjoying all the good memories and friendships made along the way.”

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