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Dr. Rachel Cohn

Wink Eyecare Boutique

1095 Seven Locks Road

Potomac, MD





Awards and Honors
Bethesda Magazine’s Best of Bethesda Readers Poll, “Best Place to Buy Glasses,” 2019; 98%+ patients would refer

“We don’t recommend that you only own one pair glasses and use them for everything. You can make life so much better with customized lenses and designs,” says Dr. Rachel Cohn. Her eyecare store not only offers expert eye doctor services—it’s also a cool, modern source for stylish and totally comfortable frames, too.

“We always ask how you use your eyes during the day,” she says. “You’ll be healthier and happier with glasses that are designed for computer use, reading and driving, for instance.”

Other specialty lenses may help with sleep schedules, eye strain and dry eyes, with larger reading zones in the lenses, for instance. Wink has a certain specialty in helping kids, too, offering anti-fatigue lenses and nighttime contacts that can stop the progression of nearsightedness in young people, which has reached epidemic proportions.

“We have glasses for just about everything,” says Dr. Cohn. “Come see us!”


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