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Dr. Emily Cook, LCMFT

6917 Arlington Road, 226

Bethesda, MD




What makes your client experience unique?

With my training as a licensed couple and family therapist, I’m specifically qualified to repair and enrich human connections. Grounded in a sincere belief in people’s ability to overcome relationship challenges through effort and good humor, I guide clients toward an understanding of the patterns that keep them stuck. Metaphor is one of my favorite tools for helping people shift their thinking and change behavior, and my clients benefit from an approach that is hopeful and practical. Each session is meaningful and productive; clients leave with positive, actionable strategies that make a real difference.

What’s a question you are frequently asked and what’s your answer?

Prospective clients often ask, “Our marriage needs help; are there different types of couples therapy to consider?”
The goal of traditional couples therapy is to get right down to the hard work of restoring your relationship back to a healthy state. Session by session, both partners improve communication and understanding, deepen intimacy and learn conflict resolution skills. My interventions, tailored to each couples’ relationship and goals, are based on my professional experience and best practices for repairing and enriching connections.
Discernment counseling is another option. It can be compared to a conversation you’d have with a doctor before a major operation. You discuss, in depth, the risks and benefits of the surgery—as well as what it might mean to not operate at all. The goal of discernment is to decide what it could take to solve your marital problems and whether both partners sincerely want to try.
I advise people not to underestimate the power and effectiveness of working with a good therapist. No matter how you feel at the start—hopeful, anxious, hurt, frustrated, tired, ready for change—counseling helps each individual and the couple move forward.

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