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Donna E. Van Scoy

Van Scoy Law, LLC

50 West Montgomery Ave., Suite 250




How do I determine who should represent me in my divorce?
Inquire of your family, friends, peers and co-workers regarding recommendations. Search sources available to all of us in the age of technology. Depending on the referral source, you may meet with more than one attorney. Spend the time contemplating what’s important to you and have a checklist of questions and concerns to discuss during your consultation.

It’s critical that you disclose all facts to your attorney. Advice is given based on information you provide. Be sure the attorney is listening. Look for someone experienced in and outside the courtroom. The attorney should discuss all options including negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and litigation.

Donna E. Van Scoy is a dedicated family law attorney with 30 years of experience. She listens and works with her clients to determine the most effective way to protect their interests. Ms. Van Scoy has received the highest Martindale-Hubbell recognition by members of the bar and judiciary.

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