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Deyka Williams Spencer, Esq.

The Spencer Firm, LLC

2275 Research Blvd., Suite 500




What sets your company apart from competitors?
We have litigated and settled many cases, one of the few small firms able to negotiate and litigate, if needed. This means you are able to keep your case within the same firm. It also gives us a full perspective on how to resolve cases more cost effectively.

Two of our members are native Spanish speakers and one speaks partial French, appreciated within communities that prefer to speak native languages in difficult times. We’re able to reach a wide spectrum of business clients and workers by offering more personalized representation of their cases. Our main focus is communication and we pride ourselves in coming up with creative ways to resolve cases based on our client’s needs.

The firm handles employment law issues, such as litigation, mediations, legal advice and agreements, representing individuals in discrimination-based lawsuits, wage/hour/overtime issues and breach of contract and severance agreement negotiation. We also help businesses avoid disputes and minimize exposure.

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